Something bugged me about the picture of the started sleeve in the last post. Then I realized what it was: I started at the wrong end, the shoulder end. So I had to rip it out and start over. Again.
But that’s what you get when you make things up when you go….
To learn to work from patterns, I entered the monthly dishcloth group.
The only problem is that we don’t use dishcloths here in Holland. What are they used for? Wiping, soaking, drying?
Well, anyway, it will be fun to learn new stitches and techniques.

Progress reports

The easy knitting purple cardigan is going well. I finished the fronts and started a sleeve. I think it will be ready soon.

paarsvestmouw-746701 (Small)


The green and white sweater is progressing slowly.


I have been very tired last week, so I didn’t work on it often. I decided to keep it very simple, just a stockinette stitch, but it’s hard to control the thin needles and the small stitches when you’re suffering from headaches….
I hope this week will be better.
I have a lot of plans for new projects, but there still in a very early plan-making status, so I’ll post about that later.

Knitting and candle making

I’m very busy, visiting family, doing household chores, things like that. There’s not a lot of time left to do some knitting, but I still did some last week.
The green and white sweater didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I started over for the third time, still wishing that it will work this time. I have been looking for a pattern, but it’s either not the kind of sweater I’m looking for, or the pattern is for much thicker yarn. So I’m still trying to make it up as I go.

The thick purple yarn is great to work with. It knits very easy and it feels good. I decided to make a short and thight little cardigan. I think it will look great on jeans.
I finished the back saturday and started on one of the fronts.

paarsvesthalf-703027 (Small) vestprs-779362 (Small)

Also I’m very busy making candles. A few years ago I bought a candlemaking set, but I never really used it. Now, in my newfound crafting enthousiasm, I set the goal to empty the bags of parafine. They are taking up a lot of space in my cupboard, but I didn’t want to throw it away. This works two way: finally cleaning up and making some nice gifts for the holidays. The ones that don’t look to good, I’ll burn myself. But maybe I end up ordering some more candlemaking stuff, since I’m really enjoying trying out new techniques….

I finished these saturday and this morning:


And these I just made, they are still in the molds. I like the color change and I really hope they come out right.


New projects

I started knitting a sweater in very thin yarn and with needles 2,5 (US 1). I know what I want to make, but I can’t find a pattern for it, so I’m just trying to get things right. It is supposed to end up as a thight fitting sweater, with a v-neck. Luckily I do have some good books about knitting, because I have never made one like this before.


I love these colors together, I’m thinking stripes, not too big ones, maybe bigger green and smaller off-white.

Because this is kind of difficult knitting, I decided to start on another project too. I found this lovely yarn:


Maybe I’ll make another cardigan, but this time I’ll make sure it’s meant to be this kind of yarn…

Trial and a lot of errors

Two years ago I started knitting a cardigan. I had a very old pattern, very cheap yarn that was way too thin, but I adapted the pattern a bit and had a lot of fun making the backside. Than I forgot all about my knitting. Until a year later. I knitted one of the fronts and again put everything away.

But a month ago I decided I had to find something to take my mind of things and I got my knitting out again. And this time I kept knitting, until I ended up with this:


I have to admit, my adjustments to the pattern were not flawless: it’s a bit too wide and I want to add a few centimeters to the collar (in the neck), but it’s the first adult sized project I finished. I’m rather pleased with it!

Starting a knitting blog….

Inspired by lots of blogs about knitting and other crafts, I decided to start my own blog. In English and mostly meant to show off the things I make or plan to make.
I am doing a lot of knitting these days, because it helps me to keep my mind off eating (trying to loose some weight) and life’s little and bigger problems, but I’m not really fast. So, just bear with me, things will be made and pictures will be posted!