I don’t remember where I saw this idea, but I like it: preserve the beautiful flowers you get by taking pictures of them.
This week I got two bouquets when I said goodbye to my job*. The white one is from my bosses, the colorful from my co-workers.

*my job outside the house that is. I will be working with T. in his IT-business. I already was, actually, but his business kept growing and I kept running out of time 😉

A start


Amidst all the kitchen building I needed a bit of simple knitting. This will be a poncho, but it’s really just two rectangular pieces of knitting. I can do that 😉

In progress

My kitchen right now. T. decided it was time to get the last part of it done (we’ve had the cupboards, dishwasher and everything waiting for months now), so he broke out the old block.
And then he got the flu, so now this is what I’ve got.

But it will be great when it’s done.

A dress. No, a bag.

I decided to try and use a real pattern for a change. It will be a really nice dress once I finish it. But oh my, so many pieces.


After I finally cut out all those little pieces I lost confidence and decided to make a bag.
I wanted something different, so I used a zipper for the first time. It took me a while to figure out the construction, but I think that worked out well.



Thrifting treasures

Since my scooter died I hadn’t been to the thrift shop anymore (but oh, soon I will have my driver’s license. I hope). Yesterday my husband took me there. That was fun.

I love these little plates.


and this record is great, but I would have bought it for the cover. Groovy 😉


But my greatest find was this:

20070311bergoptafel-734683 (Small)

three bags of yarn. A big tangled mess, really. But most of it is real wool and there’s lots of it. I’m working on untangling it all (and having fun with that).

Also in the bags: some vintage little treasures.

 20070311patroon-789513 20070311wikkels-721526

Scarf and baret


After the cardigan, I needed a smaller and quicker project so I made a beret from thick yarn. The beret is my first project on four needles. I have to admit I had some trouble with that at first. Somehow I ended up with all stitches on two needles halfway the project. That doesn’t work too great. But I managed to get back on track again and I’m kind of proud of myself.
I had quite a lot of that yarn left to make a matching scarf.

Retro cardigan

vest1-751375 vest2-758603

Pattern from an old Hema book. There wasn’t enough of the green yarn and I couldn’t find it anywhere (it’s from a cheap textile store), so I finished it in white. I actually like how it turned out.