I have some not so fun memories involving crochet. I remember that at school some of the girls were making a beautiful orange/brown (this was 1978) pillow case and I wasn’t allowed to make one myself. The teacher said she couldn’t teach me how to crochet because I was lefthanded.
My grandmother had pity and tried to teach me. I remember making a tiny headband, but we both lost interest pretty soon.

Last week I found “The happy hooker” by Debbie Stoller in the library and I decided to give it another chance. And look at that. It clicked.
So I made two potholders and then moved on to granny squares. That was fun. I really think I’m hooked.

Some knitting

Between sewing curtains and sewing lots of bags I also did some knitting this summer.


A little top. Not really happy about the side seams, but it’s totally wearable.


A dress, knit in the round, so no seams. I’m not sure I’ll wear it, but it was fun to design.


And there has been some (but very little) progress on the blanket. The first part was frogged, since it didn’t work out, but I found some good instruction on logcabin knitting here.


  20070824curtainsbefore-704458 20070824curtainsafter-704491

We’ve been thinking about new curtains for a long time, but I just never could find the right fabric. I was thinking green and something retro like circles or stripes.
Yeah, I know. This is completely different. But I do like it, even after sewing all those pleats.


Harry Potter outfit


E. is going to a Harry Potter camp and asked if I could make her a robe. Hmn. That much trust in my sewing should be rewarded. So I did a little research and came up with this. I think I did rather well.
The rest of the uniform came from the thriftshop.

Bags, bags, bags

I was on a blogging break, but obviously not on a sewing break. I’ve been playing around with bag designs and made 8 bags these past months. They all found new owners (the girls, my mother, my sister).




20070806grotegeletas-756028 (Small)