It just doesn’t feel right to have that picture of our desintegrated floor on top of my blog, so here’s some other things of our weekend.

20080622a (Small)

Relaxing on our bed and knitting some stress away.

Picknicking on the kitchenfloor. Saturday we ate on the roof, but Sunday the winds were so strong the plates were blown of the table.

20080622a (3) (Small)
Eating those yummy summerfruits I bought Friday. Strawberries and melon. So good!

So much for a lazy summer

I should have known better…
Remember I was complaining about a rotting floor? We didn’t expect it to be this bad. This picture shows the result of a few kicks. Completely gone! So it all has to come out.

About noon the floor looked like this:

We got a little help from a friend and now about one third of the floorboards (old-fashioned planks this time, because waterproof OSB sheets were not good coping with the flooding we had previous summers) is in.

Today we will hopefully finish taking out the rest of the OSB and putting in the floorboards. And then we will do some redecorating since it is already a mess and all the furniture and stuff is spread through the house (piles of books beside my bed, the diningroom chairs stacked in the hall, things like that). We’re going to paint the walls, put new woodpanelling in and a laminate (I want real wood, but our budget doesn’t agree) floor.

Ha! A lazy summer indeed!

What I love: summer

Yay for summer!
In our little part of the world (Holland) we tend to have a heatwave early in spring and wait for some more heat all summer. Complaining about the wheather is very common here. Too cold, too wet, too hot. It’s never just right. Nag, nag, nag.
Not me, not this time: I intend to enjoy every bit of sunshine we get. I also will get into a lazy summermode now. At least I hope I will. Changing my daily routines to fit the kids having their vacations. Getting plenty of sunshine and a good rest. Eat all the good stuff that is being harvested right now and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
Happy solstice (tonight 23.59 CET) to everyone and let’s all have a good summer!
(Ha, I just read between the lines of my own post : no, I’m not going on a summerblogbreak (yet), I think I will manage to post while in summermode)

What I love: my grandmother’s cupboard

 Yeah, I know it’s hiding behind the washer and the dryer, but I still love it. When my grandmother died we were asked if there was anything we remembered from her that we wanted to have. While other familymembers were picking jewelry or antiques, all I could think of was this cupboard. I didn’t even know at the time that my granny designed the woodwork herself.
So the cupboard made it’s way into our home. It has been in the kitchen for a year, but when we put a real kitchen in it didn’t fit anymore. It was either put it in and have very little workspace, or moving it to the livingroom. We did the latter. The livingroom was kind of full, but it looked great. I quickly claimed it to hold my yarn and fabric stash. And because of that I loved it even more. (You may have seen parts of it showing up in various pictures already).
But things are changing again. we want to put a woodburner in the livingroom and the only logical spot for that is where the cupboard was. But where to put my beloved piece of furniture? It’s too big for the bedroom, and we can’t get rid of the other cupboard in the livingroom (those are big, handy and loved too). It didn’t really fit into the hallway either, it would cover up the door to the meter cupboard (is that good english? I used an online translator, but it seems too simple).
I have been thinking about it all night and even dreamt about it and finally came to a solution. It is in the hallway now. I took out the door of the meter cupboard and now we can still reach the plugs (again: I’m not sure – is that the right word for those things that pop out when someting goes wrong with the electricity?) and see the meters. I will make a curtain to cover the opening.
It’s not holding my stash anymore, because I like to see my stuff when I’m making something and I’m not going to be banned into the hallway (ha! as if I could fit a table in there, I would have if I could).  I put some dishes and plates I hardly ever use in there , a pile of winterthings (scarves and gloves) and some other seasonal things like special tablecloths, candles and eastereggs. I don’t want the old hinges to sustain  frequent opening and closing of the doors, so these are the perfect things to put in there (the winterthings will be taken out in winter).
I have been moving around things the whole day now. Because on this spot was an ugly, but very sturdy cupboard that had to be moved into the storage room (ha! we call it that now, it’s very little, but has a door that goes outside and is big enough to hold some cupboards and a pile of wood (we’ll need that for the woodburner this winter). The ugly cupboard was my pantry, so I had to move a lot of food to the kitchen (that’s why those plates and dishes were moved too). I filled one of the cupboards in the storageroom with office stuff from the other cupboard in the livingroom. Am I still making sense? I’m getting lost in all the cupboard talk. Anyway, this made some room for my stash. I say some, because I really don’t know where all that yarn came from. I just does not fit. I will have to do some more moving around.
And than I will have to rearrange some things in the kitchen, since I kind of threw everything in.
But my grandmother’s cupboard looks great in the hallway, doesn’t it?

(I hesitated between this picture and one that did not show the door to the shower or the washer and dryer, but this one is more real. So there you have it. My cluttered hallway with the closet I love so much I’m writing a lengthy post about it.)

What I love: sewing time

I love sewing. Which is not a surprise for anyone who has been reading the archives here.
I have been sewing since I was nineteen, but this love is a lot younger. Since last year I have been sewing like crazy. Inspiration from all over the internet!
It has been a little frustrating to find the time to sew though. We have absolutely no room that I can claim as my own and we don’t even have the room for a sewingtable. I have to use the diningtable. When nobody else is using it, that is. And when nobody else is in our livingroom trying to work, do homework , or watch tv. I have been complaining about that here before, haven’t I? (yes, I do have a handsewing machine now, but I still learning to use it)
I am slowly coming to grips with this lack of space and my jealousy of others who do have sewingrooms. I just try to sneek in as much sewing time as I can. When the kids are at school and dh is off to a client I let everything hang and pull out my sewing machine.
I do have to let go of a bit of guilt (there always are other things that I should be doing) but I love these little hours of creating.
This morning I made a skirt and a shirt (I like how that rhymes). I traced my favourite vintage skirt as a “pattern” and the skirt was made very quickly. I even got the zipper in at the first try! It only took me about an hour to start and finish the whole thing!

Then I started working on a dress, but I got frustrated when I got to the buttonholes. Since I won’t be able to fit in it anyway until I loose those pounds I have been talking about for months, I put it aside. (I did not make the dress that small intentionally, that’s just what you get sometimes by “winging” things).
So I traced a simple sleeveless shirt and thought I would finish that even faster than the skirt. But I had some issues with the neckline, so I had to change that four times. The fabric was so much stiffer than that of the original shirt (it’s a stretchy cotton, but not that stretchy) that it looked bulky, so I added a belt and beltloops.
I think it’s kind of nice now. Both the pink and the blue fabric are the same print, but I don’t think they work together. So I’ll wear a white shirt with the skirt and I think I’ll make a blue skirt to match the shirt.
Oh yes. I love sewing time and I love it when things work out the way I wanted (let’s forget about that dress for now)!
(I also like how I unintentionally managed to take a picture that doesn’t show the disassembled computer that is taking up half the table…)

What I love: the Rotterdam Market

It’s so big and there are so many booths, that I think I never will have the energy to visit them all. Luckily I know exactly where to go for some good thrifting, sewing notions and books. I also just wandered past a lot of food booths and I swear I will find recipes to use all those exotic looking food someday. For now I only bought a big slice of watermelon there. Yummy!
The thrifting booths were great too. I bought a skirt and two cute white blouses. And … buttons again! I think I will hide these for the kids for a while, at least until I used some of the buttons they bought me (maybe on those blouses, the buttons got ripped of, but I payed only one euro for the two of them). Only two months ago I was complaining about never finding cute vintage buttons like some other bloggers do. So I told them maybe that was something to give me for my birthday. They bought me four sets of cute coloured buttons and I was so happy with them. Still am. But since then I had three or four (lost count) button finds on this market and in thriftshops. I really have loads of them now. I do think these are the best I ever found though, look at them, there are some really special ones in this lot!

And there was more in of the tins the buttons came in: a cute vintage pattern and a sock-mending-thing (I have no idea how to call that in english).

I never realized how much being able to go to a market like this and buy some stuff means to me, until I decided this was going to be my “love” post for today. Although I didn’t spent much -skirt, blouses and buttons for 10 euro – parking not included (ha! that is crazy expensive in Rotterdam, but I did some other, more important, familylike errands too, so we won’t count it in)- I really consider myself lucky to have enough money for fun things like this (believe me there have been times we could hardly afford the basics). You never know what comes next, so I’ll cherish these little outings while I still can have them!

What I love: our little boat

 (I’m going to try to post about “What I love” this whole week. This is inspired by Amanda Soule who puts posts like this on her blog regularly and by Beki, who pointed out to me that I need to focus on the things that really matter.)
When your husbands puts his work aside and says: let’s go sailing, you don’t make his good spirit disappear by telling him about all the things you still need to do. You just drop what you’re doing and go with him.
Or at least that’s what I did this afternoon. We took our boat and enjoyed the river for a while. And after an hour or two we came home completely refreshed, relaxed and happy.
That’s what life is all about!

Home sweet home

Inspired by her, I wanted to post about things that are good in my life. There are plenty.
– We are all (kind of) healthy
– My feeling exhausted these days will pass, it always does
– Although having a small company is not really secure financially, we love the life we have right now, the freedom, the variation
– We have the best house there is for the price we can afford and the region we have (due to dh’s clients) to live in. It’s small, but it’s home. There are many things we need to do, some of them urgent (like repairing the rotting floor in the livingroom), some of them just necessary (like finishing the untiled walls in the kitchen) and some of them just plain fun (like putting a swimmingpool in the backgarden). But I have loved this house ever since we peaked through the windows the first time. It’s old, it’s odd but it’s totally us! And that’s what’s matters the most.


 17 years ago…

This post brought tears to my eyes… (yes, I’m sentimental, but read the comments, I’m not the only one).
It made me remember things and wanting to document them. (Amanda does that to me a lot).
We were very young when the twins were born (10 days before my 20th birthday, a month before his 22nd). Life did not prepare this daddy for his job. He was hardly an adult himself at the time. But he managed.
This picture shows exactly how. He took care of us, he protected us, provided for us and he worked so very hard to do that that he was often exhausted. But it was his own choice to do that and we got through those hard first years. Now he has grown up with the girls. He’s the man in our house, still the one who takes care, protects, provides and works real hard. He is the cornerstone of our little family.
Thank you for that, T. We love you!