Breaking the break

Just popping in to tell you I’m kind of eagerly awaiting the end of this blogging break. Yeah, I know. I could just start blogging daily again.
But the truth is, things are happening in my mind right now. Good stuff mostly. Also a little bad stuff to work through. Though I miss the way blogging helps me to focus on the good things in life, not blogging seems to be good for me right now.
I have been cleaning up and finally got rid of the not so nice part of both my fabric and my yarn stash. That really gave me the breathing space I needed. I am making things and having fun most of the time.
We have been on vacation for a week to a little chambre d’hotes in the south of France. I did get a good amount of rest and felt rather peaceful when we returned this Sunday. Then real life kicked in again and today I’m not as peaceful as I want to be. I’m trying to thoroughly clean the kitchen but some parts of it are just … well, a challenge. I kind of feel like I always behind on these household chores and I’m doubting if I will ever catch up. So be glad I’m not blogging daily yet, since I would be boring you with my sticky furnace parts and the dust that just flies back in minutes after I’m done getting it off my floors and furniture (not to mention the cat hairs).
Anyway, I’m leaving with some nice pictures I took in France. Can you feel the peace and quiet there? I’m feeling better just looking at it…

200808 (7) (Small)\

200808 (8) (Small)

200808 (9) (Small)