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Lot’s of scraps, folding wasn’t easy. But luckily I can close the door on it and imagine starting a scrap blanket (someday, first lots of other projects to finish).

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::: working on a “a day in the life of” post, but this day isn’t over yet (wish it was), so I’ll save that for monday

:::: Have a good weekend!

7 random things

I was tagged by Elizabeth to tell seven random things about myself. I really had a hard time choosing from all the things that came to mind, but here it goes.

Oh, the picture? That’s my fabric, that I need to sort after dumping it “temporarily” in the laundry basket a few days ago. It’s quite a random picture, thus it should be perfect for the post (and also I’m too busy/lazy/tired to find or make better pictures with the seven things).

20081127 (Small)

– I feel old lately, but I’m not that old yet (only 37). It’s just that my children are growing up so fast. My “baby girl” is turning sixteen soon and if the twins act as fast as I did, I will be a grandmother in just two years! Still, I never regretted being a momma very young and I think I would like being a granny too.

– I always cry when I hear this song. I make it until about half way and than I break into tears. Played it three times after finding the link and cried three times.

And I think that’s all I’m ever going to say about it here, because I don’t like discussing religion…

– We were in Australia for the millennium, right at the Harbour Bridge at midnight. And afterwards we drove into the desert, just driving for days and days, until we reached Uluru (Ayer’s Rock). I can’t explain how special it was, but I really want to go there again. Other places I want to visit again are Rome and Mount Etna (visited both twice). Places I want to see “someday” are on a long list, but the Grand Canyon is on top of it.

– In our marriage of 18 years, we have lived in one apartment and four houses. I love the house we live in now the best, but I won’t say we’ll never move. The city of Rotterdam is closing us in and we would like a bit more sunny weather.

– I love all kinds of fruit, but I don’t like the taste of banana’s. When I buy smoothies I always check to see if there is no banana in them, which is limiting my choice a lot.

– I sometimes wish I was born half a century earlier, even though that would mean I would have been in my early twenties in the war.

– When I was a little girl the schoolphysician told me I would never be tall. She thought I would have to be thankful if I grew to be as tall as my mother, who is 5′4″. But I grew up to be 5′9″.

Want to play along? Tell me in the comments and I’ll tag you!

Working on the book

20081126 (Small)

I joined the Flickr group “a year of mornings”, although I don’t think I’ll make it through a whole year (oh my, I suddenly remember the year of color thing – I totally forgot about that). I told the owner I couldn’t commit to that and was kindly invited to join anyway. So the last two days I have been picking up my camera much earlier than usual, resulting in different pictures than usual. This morning however, I was too busy to even stop and think about it that early (it was still morning though). I had to be at Miriam’s school at nine to pick up this year’s first report card (it’s a good list -sevens, eights and even a nine out of ten- she is doing great) and I didn’t sleep very well.
On the picture you see the reason for that. Last night I got an email that my book had been worked through by an editor. Would I look through the corrections, change some things and send it back?
I was under the impression that it was in the process of being printed by now (it’s supposed to be in the shops in December), so that was a bit of a surprise… I have asked the publisher what to expect months ago, but was told there was nothing more I had to do.
I’m starting to have mixed feelings about this whole process. I realize I’m new at this and that I’m a control freak. But I get little or no information about what’s going on and that is starting to bother me.
Oh well, I’m still quite excited that I will have a real book in my hands soon (might be later than December though).
And now I’m going back to it. Eighty pages to go…


20081125 (Small)

We drink a lot of coffee here. Very strong too, we love espresso. I really need that kick to wake up. And to keep awake during the day too…

About the giveaway: it’s not going too well isn’t it? Not even a single reaction…
Like all pyramidschemes, it has to end somewhere and I’m guessing I’m breaking the chain.
So I was thinking, instead of waiting around and hoping new people will visit my blog, or friends feeling sorry for me and taking up another three gifts, maybe I’ll end it graciously.
If it’s okay with you, Kristen, I promise to make (at least) three items for Amanda’s Mama to Mama and let this chain stop right there. I’m not sure if I can manage to send out in time for the current project, but I’m sure there will be another one. Still paying it forward, but a little different…

Pay it forward

I’m long overdue, but better late than never, isn’t it?
I won a giveaway at Kristen’s blog and have to pay it forward (which I gladly do, I think this is a wonderful way of spreading some kindness).


Here are the rules:
1-I will send the first 3 people to comment on this entry a handmade gift within the next 6 months.
2-I will happily post to anywhere in the world.
3-The only requirement for you is that you must have a blog and be willing to do the same.
So, if you’re interested and willing, all you have to do is leave me a comment with a link to your blog. Simple!


(I’m sorry for not posting Friday, I was very busy and ended the day with a terrible headache…)

Although it’s usually raining here, It does snow around here sometimes (like yesterday):

20081123 (1) (Small)

20081123 (2) (Small)

20081123 (3) (Small)

20081123 (4) (Small)

20081123 (Small)


Looking for something to take a picture of today, I realized how important nature really is for me. Even when I feel exhausted (it comes and goes and comes again) I always find something to hold on to in nature.

20081120 (1)

The ever changing looks of the cherry tree for instance. Now bare, but still beautiful. Promising a new cycle of green leaves and white blossom in spring, after some much needed rest.

20081120 (Small)

And the happy colors of the violet. It is growing safely in my little garden, a small strip next to the house. Enjoying a bit of rain, basking in the few rays of sun, sheltered from too much cold and wind by the walls of our house.

Nature always helps me to look beyond my self pity, promising renewal, reminding me to make the best of this cold, gray and wet season.

So every day, even when it is cold, dark and rainy, I go outside, sometimes only for a few moments, to connect and feel the comfort nature can bring.

We sneaked out

I love the internet, but one of the things that I think is really scary, is that you think you write for a few people you slowly get to know, but in reality the whole world can read along. So if I would post about going away for the weekend, it might be possible that someone takes advantage of that. In a world where adds to announce burials are used to plan burglaries (imagine returning home to an emptied house after burying your loved one – it’s awful, but true!) I think it is not overreacting to be very careful, especially if you leave three almost-but-not-yet-grown-up girls behind.
So, I sneaked out on you guys. We left Sunday and returned last night. The last two posts were scheduled ahead.
(I do schedule ahead posts when I am home, but very busy, so that is not the key to finding my house empty!)
We really needed a little time away from home and work and I booked on rather short notice (last Tuesday) on I just clicked “book it” on the first picture I liked. Looks cozy, doesn’t it?

A bit of a risk, but it turned out really well. Only a four hour drive away and we found ourselves in completely different surroundings. Woods, hills, clean air, silence… We both feel rested and recharged. So good!