Playing with scraps

I’m not feeling very creative, but I’m longing for the flow to come back. So I started playing with some scraps. Those fabrics may look familiar to you: I also used them for the quilt I still haven’t finished. I will, one day…

For now I’m having kind of fun just piecing stuff together. I found the little quilt blocks I made last year in the pile and decided to just put them in with the larger pieces. I think this will be a quilt too. Again, one day…

So that’s what I’m doing today. Sewing a few pieces, than getting back to the computer and try to write a little (my new novel is half finished now). Isn’t life great sometimes?


I was going to post a picture showing my progress on the green dress, but it was too fuzzy. So you’ll have to take my word for it: I finally passed the yoke!

20090327 (Small)


Well, I guess those nice warm days were just a teaser. We’re back to gray and cold. The burst of energy has passed too, I’m feeling kind of tired and uninspired. So today, I’m posting some pictures I took last week (hence the blue sky).

20090323 (1) (Small)

20090323 (2) (Small)

20090323 (Small)

Signs of spring :: lunch outside and lots of color

20090320 (1) (Small)

Yes, really! I did lunch outside. And it wasn’t too cold either. I hope this was the first of lots and lots of meals outside.

20090320 (2) (Small)

To celebrate Equinox I bought myself some new plants (of course, that’s what I usually do for seasonfestivities). Don’t you love those colors? I wasn’t able to pick one colorway, so instead I decided to take ten different colors. I think it looks great!

I think something really is changing now. More light, more energy. I have been getting a great lot of my todo-lists done yesterday and today. I even took a little time to whip up this little pouch as a present for my sister-in-law.

Wishing you all a happy Equinox and a very good weekend!

Signs of spring :: sticky clay

20090317 (Small)

The result of my first gardening this year. Nothing serious yet, just planting something my neighbor brought by. But digging, watering and planting gets you this. A thick layer of clay sticking to the clogs.
And yes, I’m sorry to disappoint you all. I wear Swedish clogs in the garden, instead of Dutch wooden shoes. I even think the clogs are more common here!