Weaving in ends is not my favorite task…

20090427 (Small)

… but it’s worth it.
I made bags from the grannies I made from scraps. The last bits became handles and then I was all out of this yarn. I love making do with thrifted scraps.

Big and red

One of the girls is going to a fantasy fair. And though she promised me I wouldn’t have to help her make a dress this year (like we did last year and the year before), suddenly plans changed. A different group of friends, a different idea about costumes. They were going as the seven deadly sins (I know – how do they come up with things like that?) and she was going to be “anger”.
I asked her what kind of costume she was thinking about and she said: a long dress. Big and red.
We decided there was no time (or money) to sew a dress from scratsch, so I found this gem at the market.

Not “big” enough, so I added three layers of tule.

That sounds easier then it was, but the result was great. She loved it.
And, well, I’ve got to admit, these silly dresses are actually quite fun to work on…

A gift

20090421 (Small)

A few houses from ours there lives an old woman. I think she doesn’t like how my garden looks, since she brings over plants from her garden almost weekly. And then we talk a bit. That might be another reason to come over. My garden is filling up fast though.
This afternoon I found these in my kitchen when I came home from running some errands.
I do like them. They’re in my garden already.


After some (actually a lot) reorganizing and moving around this is how my yarn stash looks. Not as pretty as it used to look, but now I can clearly see that I don’t need to buy anything else for a while…