Out of Africa

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On my pile of things to make there was some fabric that I brought from South-Africa last year. It was about time to do something with it.
The fabric on top is a way too big for me apron, that I cut up and made a skirt off first. But it had a weird fit and you could see right through it. So I cut it up again and made an apron that will fit me.

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 The white fabric with the panels was easy to decide what to make with them. Bags, of course. It’s quite heavy fabric, so I just used my serger and didn’t line them. Simple but useful.

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The last piece of fabric… oh my. What was I thinking when I bought it? The fabric was really synthetic (not cotton -I thought it was) and the print is giant. I had no idea what to do with it, until I spread it out on the table to look at it and figure something out. Duh! Tablecloths. I had just enough to make two. A little hemming and done.

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The pile has shrunk again. Now I really need to work on those quilts…


So right now I am
:: dreaming about spring with these books

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:: enjoying a simple novel by one my favorite writers

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:: try to eat some vitamins

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:: en smachtend staar naar de stapels stof in mijn naaikamer (want daar is mijn hoofd nu even niet toe instaat)

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My grandmother's needlepoint

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Some time ago my parents gave me a bag full of embroidery from my grandmother (she died years ago). She loved cross stitch. The house was filled with cross stitch pictures and her couch (and ours) was filled with cross stitch pillow.
In the bag were some unfinished pieces. She wasn’t able to do the finer work when she got older. I think she started this to give to my sister who loved horseback riding (she still does and her daughter too). I’m going to try and finish it.