We were away

Not far, still in our own little country, though close to the border.

We rented this cute little house.

If it wasn’t raining to hard, we were here:

But inside was fun too.

What we did? Not much. Just cruising, looking around (I had never been in that part of our country before) and getting lots of rest.


No finished sewing to show again. But I am working on two very big project that I hope to finish soon now (I started these years ago).

Hats, of course

Long time readers know I love to knit hats. I knit a lot of them. More than I will ever wear. But it’s such a fun little project. And they always find there way somewhere.
So when I found some real hand spun in the thrift store, I knew it had to be a hat.

A simple hat, that seemed best for that uneven yarn. But there was a lot left, so I started another one.

Soulemama’s favorite hat. My favorite too. This is number sixteen. Oh well.

And when there was still some yarn left, I tried something more adventurous. A Carpenter Hat. That was fun too.

And now? Well, there’s always something on my needles. Some other projects (more on that later). And more hats. Of course.