Right now I am…

:: trying to convince myself that there is nothing wrong with taking some rest

:: needing to find some way to clear my head. It is full, too full to accomplish anything anymore (hmn… finishing book #5, editing book #4, writing that long story, starting book #6 – all that in less then two months… – it is a bit much I guess)

:: happy because I was asked to write more of those long stories

:: thinking I will work out how to do it all, someday

:: accepting (well, trying to accept) that at this point I am not able to do it all





Right now I am…

:: listening to the awful coughing D. has going on for a few days now

:: seeing how E. is looking like she will be next catching this flu

:: feeling not very well myself…



Right now I am…

:: printing out the official proofs of book #4 for a final check

:: thinking I’d very much like to dust off the cobwebs of my sewing machine (literally! though it’s a very active spider too, I dust it off every week…)

:: knowing that I will find time eventually

:: very happy that I am getting the hang of combining lot of other things in this oh so full life of mine



Right now I am…

:: happy to report that I send that story (the new writing gig) out to the publisher

:: wondering why this is so scary to me (after three, almost four, books)

:: thinking my self confidence still needs a lot of work



Right now I am…

:: thinking that guiding young adults throug life (it’s not called ‘raising’ anymore at this age) is a lot harder then I thought it would be

:: savoring the good moments (luckily there are plenty of those)



Right now I am…

:: actually not sure what I’m doing 😉

:: trying to get myself into editing mode (again, this is not my favorite part of writing)

:: thinking I’d rather work on that other story

:: happy because this begins to feel like real work, and that’s what I wanted



Right now I am…

:: wishing diner would cook itself 😉

:: looking forward to a quiet evening and some knitting

:: brainstorming about a new story (oh yes, it goes on and on)

:: thinking I love writing romantic detectives (as my publisher calls it) the best

:: hoping the first one (coming out in April) will get some good reviews



Right now I am…

:: not really inspired on the picture-taking front

:: pushing through

:: reminding myself that soon it will be spring and there will be all kinds of beauty to take pictures of

:: wishing it would have stopped raining for a moment today, so I could have shown you that my crocuses survived the frost (they were already blooming before it all started)

:: making a mental note to try to take a picture of them tomorrow