Right now I am..

:: still looking at those geraniums waiting for me to plant them

:: not happy about all that rain lately

:: but looking forward to the next few weeks. Forecasts are good.

:: struggling with that third story.

:: relieved that I finally realized why I struggle with it so much.

:: admitting that I fell for the money-making part of this writing gig. I just forced out a synopsis and expected to be able to write it as fast as the other stories. But the difference is that those first two were coming from my heart. I made them fitting for the basic storyline I have to follow, but those were stories I wanted to tell anyway. Those women were alive in my mind.
The people I’m trying to write about now just aren’t. Yet. Luckily a 400 word synopsis leaves me a lot of space to change things around. I’m going to think about these two women and find out what their inner conflicts are. That’s what missing. Outer conflicts, check. Inner conflicts? Nope.
But I’ll find out and then I won’t struggle writing their story anymore.



Right now I am…

:: looking forward to a lazy weekend

:: in which I may try to catch up with some writing though. It’s funny. Working in the weekend feels like a treat. I guess that’s because it’s really a choice

:: hoping I will remember the depth of the story I started last week. The headaches and the taxes drained every emotion out of it

:: knowing it will come back, it always does.










Right now I am…

:: wondering where the week went. Is it really eight days since I last posted?

:: remembering it was a severe headache first, and doing (lots of) taxes after that

:: trying to catch up with housework, blogging, taking pictures and writing now

:: cheating a little on the pictures. I skipped a few days, but filled the gaps with pictures from other days. Oh well, making up my own rules here

:: longing to get back to writing

:: anticipating that box with my new book to arrive very soon

:: remembering now that before that headache started I was working on a routine (daily, weekly, monthly). I think I need to finish that now.

:: starting to get overwhelmed already thinking about all the things I need to do the next few weeks

:: thinking blogging may be scarce for a while longer



Right now I am…

:: still making those lists

:: wishing there were more hours in a day and more days in a week

:: trying to slow down and breathe






Right now I am…

:: enjoying all the signs of spring, even though it’s cold and dark and rainy outside

:: slowly starting to realize that I’m at it again. I really need to remember that I am not superwoman. I can’t do it all.

:: making lists of the things I want to do the coming weeks

:: crossing off the things that I can’t possibly do

:: hoping to find some rest doing so





Right now I am…

:: tired from a hasty session of housecleaning (I did not get to do that yesterday, nor the day before)

:: looking at a clean(er) house and feeling good about myself

:: going to work through book #6 for the last time before I send it off to my publisher

:: thinking that hanging wooden eggs in trees (well, just branches) is actually a silly tradition. But a tradition it is.

edited to add:

I just sent book #6 off to my editor!



Right now I am…

:: happy to see my mint growing so fast. Last year it was just a few sprigs.

:: thinking about promotion (of my books). I really don’t like that part of the job. It makes me twitchy to talk about myself as a writer and my books. Oh…well… no, not when I write about it here. But here it’s not promotion, it’s just sharing. I like sharing. Maybe I can find a way to just share with potential readers…






Right now I am…

:: still smiling from driving my husbands car this morning. It was the first time I drove it myself and it was such fun. I know it’s silly but it was!

:: also very excited about finishing book #6 today. I’m going to print it for a last read-over and then it’s off to my publisher. Such a relief!

:: still thinking very hard to find a title for it. My working titles are simple, just the name of the main character (Donna in this case, isn’t that a wonderful name?). But for a real title… oh my. I like short titles, but I just can’t come up with anything. Not even a longer one. Oh well, something will come up I guess.

:: going to have a homemaker’s day tomorrow. Grocery shopping, cleaning, gardening. Bliss!