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Right now I am…

:: wondering how it's possible that I've neglected this blog for two weeks now

:: falling off the bandwagon of taking daily pictures too

:: so very, very busy

:: and very, very tired

:: but leaving for a three week vacation on Bali this Friday (oh my, Bali!)

:: happy to report I have finished another of those short novels (#3), submitted a synopsis for a new one and got a go on it, submitted a synopsis on a longer novel with my other publisher and got a go on that one too.

:: still feeling blessed for reconnecting this morning with a friend after more than 20 years (we talked and talked and talked, just like we did when we were teenagers)

:: thinking I'm going to sleep and rest and sleep and rest and maybe see a bit of Bali too these coming weeks

:: telling you I will back here in June

:: wishing you all the very best

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