This week

:: I found out that taking pictures daily is not really easy anymore
:: I’m still planning to get back into that habit
:: I walked, face first, into a big cobweb three times (at the same spot, that is one stubborn spider)
:: we enjoyed some lovely summer evenings
:: we celebrated our 22nd anniversery
:: I tried to ignore the red leaves on our cherry tree (I know, it’s september and fall is coming, but our summer just started in August)
:: I decided to try the concept of “a cupboard a day“. (I don’t know if there’s an english equivelant of this) I really like browsing those blogs and seeing what just 15 minutes of straightening things out can do. So far (I started yesterday) it seems to work. I felt good about tidening just one thing and it’s not too overwhelming to think I need to do one more today (instead of wanting to tackle “everything”). I don’t think I’m feeling comfortable posting pictures of it though.

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