Doing nothing at all

This Saturday afternoon, we were sitting at our roof terrace and trying really hard to relax. We both had been working the whole morning and now we wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather and just do nothing.
But we couldn’t. I was knitting. That can be very relaxing, but not when you’re thinking that you need to hurry up since there’s so many more to make. And he was looking around, seeing a lot that needed to be done, but lacking the energy to actually do so.
So, after a frustrating hour of “we need to relax” we decided to go for a ride. We drove to the beach (not the nearest), top down, windows down, wind in our hair. We drank some coffee and had an icecream. I said we couldn’t leave without actually seeing the sea, so we climbed up the stairs. And he said we couldn’t leave without actually standing in the water, so we climbed down the stairs. And then we drove back again, the wind blowing and clearing our minds.
It was great. It was exactly what we needed. It was very relaxing.

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