Fall, bouncing balls and more

:: I love these 30 days of Fall. It helps me to find the beauty of a season that I don’t really like.
:: Seeing these pictures reminds me of this quote:
Autumn is like a second spring, when every leave is a flower (Albert Camus)
:: I like that I still have 15 days to go. I read on Maisey Yates’ blog that Nora Roberts once said (and google tells me she got it from another writer) that in life we’re always juggling several balls. Some of those are glass, you have to keep them from falling. But others are rubber. You can drop those, they’ll bounce back.
:: the blog is rubber. It will bounce (it helps that I can schedule posts in advance)

:: in a few weeks, I’ll try to post more
:: I’m working on reposting my old pictures and craft posts, but that will take a bit more time
 then I expected
:: I will be celebrating the release of my 5th novel with a big give away in November. My books are in Dutch so that won’t be of much interest for my English readers. Sorry for that. 😉
:: But since I’d like this blog to be really bilingual and international, maybe I’ll come up with a way to include you too. More on that later.