I used to love baking. I won’t say I baked daily or even weekly, but I did for every special occasion and I usually was planning to bake more. But since some members of our family found they have a lot less stomachaches when they don’t eat gluten or lactose, things started to get complicated. Gluten happen to be the stuff that structures bread and cake.
I tried a few recipes, but failed at most of them and then I gave up.
Until today. I decided I just had to try. I started with brownies. I did succeed at those before, since they are meant to be a bit gooey. So that worked.
And then I read the back of the flour mix and saw a recipe for cake. And I had some cupcake forms lying around. So I thougt I’d give that a try as well. The mix had to be used up in a month anyway, so no harm done if I failed.
But I didn’t. They came out pretty nice, they taste good and they have a nice texture to. So now my mind is filled with possibilities… adding things like spices, nuts or chocolate, decorating them…
Yes, I do love baking!

Recipe info: I used Schar Mix C and margarine without animal fats; for the cupcakes I used the recipe on the back, substituted the milk with water and baked them for 25 minutes, for the brownies I just used my normal recipe with lactose free chocolat (normal pure often doesn’t contain milk, just traces of it, which is no big deal for us)

2 thoughts on “Baking

  1. I was going to try making kruidnootjes (the ones you call christmascookies) but never came around to it. It is fun when things work out. I'm thinking about those cupcakes daily and maybe christmas cookies too (but oh my, this quiet week filled up quickly with all kinds of projects)


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