In 2012

:: we went, so my pictures tell me, to the beach quite often, both in the Netherlands (Scheveningen and Schouwen) as on (sub)tropical islands (Bali and Gran Canaria)
::  I had a lot of fun with some friends in the Efteling (where I didn’t take many photos, I was too busy chatting)
:: two books were published, a large print edition of an older book and three short novels. I also wrote two books and a short novel that will be available next year. That would explain why I feel that 2012 was a very busy year 😉
:: I went to a lecture and to Manuscripta and met some author collegues there (Marlies Verhelst, Olga van der Meer, Wilma Hollander, Anita Verkerk, Elly Koster, Marte Jongbloed and Marelle Boersma)
:: I got some very nice comments on my books and even a present from both long time fans as new readers
:: I had a “real” vegetable garden for the first time and felt that harvesting my crops was the best thing I ever did (even the large, large amount of endives)
:: we enjoyed the little bits of summer that we had on the roof terrace or at the fire pit
:: I (re) found my love for cooking and baking, kept knitting and even dusted off the sewing machine
:: we enjoyed Sinterklaas, Christmas and other family gatherings
:: three girls had exams and three girls got their diplomas
:: …among lots of other things

It was a good year.

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