Finally done

I do like a new year. It’s so full of possibilities and has a lot of room for new plans
Especially since I was able to finish some longrunning projects in the old year. Like the quilts for my girls.
Some of you know which quilts I mean. For the others I put together a little timeline (in Flickr links, because my photos – though not fully updated and sorted yet – are a lot better organized then my blog):  in 2009 I bought the fabric, in 2010 I got them out of the cupboard and on my pile of to do’s and two weeks later I actually started cutting. In 2011 I finished the tops, but I put them aside again. This summer I decided they needed to be finished and I did.
But then I had only two quilts and I have three daughters. Luckily there was another longrunning project waiting to be finished. Making enough hexagons to complete the quilt proved impossible, but I found a creative way of using them anyway.
And so I had three quilts under the tree this year. I have to admit that I lack the materials, the machine (still sewing on a very simple and cheap sewing machine), the work space and the motor skills to make them as perfect as I wanted them to be. But I like them. And more importantly, the girls like them too.

4 thoughts on “Finally done

  1. Wauw, ze zien er alle drie prachtig uit! Wat een heerlijk gevoel moet dat geven om zulke langlopende projecten kort na elkaar af te ronden. Heel goed idee om daar een blokje aan te wijden om er zo bij stil te staan.Groetjes AnitaPs : ik geniet van je boek. Heb het nog niet uit (langzame lezer met een paar bladzijden voor het slapengaan), maar ik zal er over schrijven wanneer ik 'm wel uit heb.


  2. when i clicked over here, i thought, “the red quilt!” then i scrolled down, “and a purple one!” then i scrolled farther, “and another purple!” they are LOVELY!!!! i'm sitting with my quilt from you as i type this. 🙂


  3. Thank you! I guess I wanted them to be too perfect and they're far from that, but I do like them very much. And it's so much fun knowing that you really use that quilt. I see it popping up in your pictures every once in a while. Love that.


  4. Dank je! Ja, grappig is dat. Zodra die quilts af waren, was er ruimte in mijn hoofd voor andere naaiplannen. En dat was lang geleden…Leuk te horen dat je van “Goede Hoop” geniet. 😉


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