I was planning to make my first blogpost after the break a nice roundup in numbers. Like this: number of family member moves (not me, but my help was needed): 2; square metres of laminateflooring laid: 33; boxes unpacked: 50 (or more); etc. But the most part of that month can not be summed up like that (how do you count emotions?) and a lot of it is not what I want out on the internet anyway. A friend called the last months a rollercoaster and I think that’s quite accurate.

I’m wondering if looking back is what I need right now. There were sad moments, there were happy moments (maybe I’ll share a few photos of those later) and it’s over. I’d better look at the future. Although… living in the past isn’t right, but constantly living in the future isn’t healthy either. One forgets to enjoy the present (I love how in English that word also means ‘gift’) that way.

I think my first post after this break should be like this:

Hi, I’m back. The sun is shining and the bulbs are flowering. Isn’t that great?

3 thoughts on “Back

  1. Het is ook fijn om weer terug te zijn. En ik ben blij dat ik zo bewust genoten heb van die zonnige periode, want vandaag en gisteren was het wel weer erg grijs. Gelukkig hebben we de foto's nog 😉 (oh, dat is ook terugkijken, natuurlijk. Leven in het heden is niet gemakkelijk)


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