In my garden

Last week:
20130701 (1) (Large)

This week:
20130708 (13) (Large)

Oh my, things have grown so fast!

We also added another raised bed.
20130708 (8) (Large) 20130708 (9) (Large)

So now the whole garden looks like this:
20130708 (19) (Large)
The only thing left to do is building a deck (bottom of the picture), but that will have to wait untill we have enough time (and money).
Oh, and I meant to clean up the weeds between the stones before taking a picture, but… well, I didn’t.

20130708 (14) (Large) 
I moved the broccoli and the kale to the new bed. I do hope they will survive it…

20130708 (17) (Large)
The endives I moved last week are doing well.

20130708 (16) (Large)
And the beans are growing faster then I’d ever imagine they would.

20130708 (15) (Large)
The first tomato I spied…

20130708 (18) (Large)
I need to plant more basil. I use a lot of it, dried and fresh, and I would love to make some pesto.

I did harvest a little bit this week too (yay!):
20130708 (3) (Large)
20130708 (4) (Large)
and strawberries.
20130708 (6) (Large)
Just enough to share with Theo (luckily the girls weren’t home) and eat half a sandwich with them. Not much, I know, but oh that taste…

6 thoughts on “In my garden

  1. Thank you! We like it a lot too. We really needed to raise the beds like this. There's concrete under the whole garden (the foundation of our neighbour's haystack that used to be there).


  2. It's so fun to watch your garden grow! As many times as I have tried , I am not a veg gardener. And I have had such trouble even growing many flowers out here … I have more pots this year – we're still figuring out how to conquer the clay and thistles … ahh, well. Your backyard is lovely!


  3. I love blogging about it, thanks to a dutch blogger that hosts “moestuinmaandag” (garden monday) and soulemama's and heathers garden notes. Everytime I take and post pictures I find that I didn't really see how fast things grow.I love growing vegetables, I never knew I would love it so much, but yesterday my father told me that his father loved growing vegetables too. I didn't remember that (my grandfather died when I was 14).Sorry that your flowers won't grow. Maybe you should start some raised beds too?


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