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I’ve been reading through the archives of some of my favorite blogs lately. I love doing that (though it’s very time-consuming and I have so many other things to do…) and it’s always very inspiring.
I feel like this blog has been on the backburner for a while and I want to change that. I love Heather’s daybook-like posts and I thought I’d try that too. So here we go.

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I need to start taking more pictures. Looking back on my photos from this weekend it’s food and fire. Which would be the highlights of these few days for sure.

On Friday I had a craving for fries, but there’s no way I am going to a snack bar on a Friday afternoon, when it’s hot and when school vacation just started. I picture waiting lines going well outside the shop. So I baked some potatoes, we made mayonnaise and ate it with lettuce from our own garden. I need to remember that this is so much better than fast food.

We ended the night sitting by the fire until after midnight. What is it about fire that you can keep staring at it for hours? We all love that. The girls say they love the final glowing coals part the most. It is beautiful, but impossible to photograph.

On Saturday we took advantage of the cloudy weather. Theo painted the last part of the garden shed and I did a lot of chores in the garden. I even (finally) weeded the sitting area.

It took me a while to sort through the last of the spinach. It started seeding, so I took it all out. The edible parts, combined with a bit of (not yet full grown) endives, made a wonderful filling for a crustless quiche. It was inspired by Heather’s, but very different, I guess. I added meat, and made it without cheese or milk. I didn’t have any gluten free plain flour, so I used a bit of bread mix that I did have. It worked like a charm.

We ended the night with a fire.

Sunday it was hot and sunny, but we really wanted to finish some things around the house. I cleared a bit of the front garden that we want to make easier to maintain and Theo hung some screens. We were tired and hot and I forgot to take pictures all day. We had a little bbq and again some lettuce from the garden. We crashed early and I still need to do the dishes.

Today I started a new schedule, hoping it will make my weeks a bit easier and my days more useful. So far… well… Not really. I moved my grocery shopping to Wednesday, but I ran out of a lot of things, so I had to make a quick run today too. Of course I realized afterwards that it would have been much more efficient to shop for nine days now and start doing the Wednesday shopping next week. I also designated two hours to help one of the girls with her studying, but we need to get used to that. We just had a major discussion about a problem she should try to solve on her own until I have time to help her. I knew homeschooling was hard but starting it at this age (20 – it’s not really homeschooling, just helping her with some courses until she finds a job) is almost impossible. I’m not a teacher. But we both try.

On my todo list today (apart from washing those dishes): do taxes, work out details of travel plans and book boat, flight and stay (more on that later), cook diner.

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