A hat instead of a cardigan

I was hoping to show you my new cardigan today, but it’s not finished yet. I ran out of yarn and I had to wait until today to go to the yarn shop. I do hope they have some balls left in the same colorway, or else I’ll have to rip the cardigan and start over. Again. But that story will have to wait.

Three days without knitting was not an option, of course, so on Tuesday night I went through my new little stash to find some matching scraps and cast on for a hat for KAS.

And by completely ignoring my todo list I was able to finish it Wednesday morning.
Oh, I do love quick little knits and instant gratification…

In my garden

Last week:

This week:

Things are growing so fast now! I moved the corn and I will have to relocate some more seedlings soon.

The endives are doing great and I think I can harvest the first radish this week (yay!).

And maybe the first strawberries too…