It’s not just the garden that is getting greener and greener…
If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen a tiny bit of this. I painted the doors in our hallway last week. It was time I did. We’ve had ugly beige doors since we moved in here (uh, eight years ago). It was a depressing view.
Here’s what it looked like before:

20130808 (2) (Large)

And this is how it looks now:

20130815 (1) (Large)

Isn’t that much, much better? The pictures don’t really do the colors justice, it’s a very bright and happy yellow/green (grellow?).
I have to admit that I doubted my choice of colors a lot of times while painting. White would have nice too, and so much safer. But it is a happy color and I decided I like it.

Why green, you ask? My first thought was: I don’t know.
But here’s what I saw when I had a good look around in my home…

20130815 (4) (Large)

My favorite coffee cups.

20130815 (3) (Large)

My ironing board.

20130815 (5) (Large)

My grandmother’s breadbox.

20130815 (6) (Large)

Pillows in the living room.

20130815 (7) (Large)

Another pillow and the many, many plants (only one pictured, but I have 11 plants in that small room. I used to have more, but I recently decided it looked to cluttered).

20130815 (2) (Large)

And my garden shoes.

Okay. It’s obvious. Green must be my favorite color.

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