Silver linings and grocery shopping

October 1st ~ At first I thought it was cute, getting our tea in cups like this on the airplane. But we were traveling to the Caribean, so why is there a need to look for silver linings? Traveling to the Caribean is the silver lining.
I liked the quote on the napkins better (but forgot to take a picture of it before I used it): “time flies, but you’re the pilot”.

October 2nd ~ Our first “trip” on the island. Grocery shopping. Oh yes. Real life kicked in immediately. I need to remember to make a good list of basics next time. It’s hard to think straight when you haven’t slept much and are sporting a nice (six hour time difference) jet lag…

2 thoughts on “Silver linings and grocery shopping

  1. i get messed up from a two hour time difference . . . can't imagine six!you got eggs. 🙂 that's good. you can do a lot with eggs. glad you landed safe and sound! i hope you get rested up soon!


  2. Yes, eggs are great 😉 Couldn't do without them. Grocery shopping is quite easy here (when your brain is working). There's even a Dutch supermarket, that has everything it has in the Netherlands. But I like the other supermarkets better (we explored some in March), since they have a lot of American products too. I am feeling a bit more rested today, thanks!


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