Turning into a dog person

How can I not be turning into a dog person? From day one we’ve been welcomed by the guard dog here (who does take his tasks very seriously, but is also very friendly for people that his boss welcomes in). When we get up in the morning, he jumps up and runs to us to greet us (and to get a little scratch behind his ears) and when we drive through the gate, he’s overjoyed with happiness about our return.
I’ve never been a dog person, but his one… Oh, I’d take him with me if I could!
There is another dog on the premises. A little poodle. A very active little poodle. I’m not really excited about that one. You can’t even pet him, because he never ever sits still.
So how did I end up with more pictures of the little one? Beats me. I guess it’s because the big one always wants to be stroked and scratched when you come near. And that makes it hard to take pictures…

20131025 (1) (Large)

20131025 (2) (Large)

20131025 (3) (Large)

20131025 (4) (Large)

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