in 2013

2013 (Large)

I’m not sure what to say about 2013. So many things happened and some were bad.

But there were good things too. And I want to remember those moments, since that’s what matters, and that’s what I want to remember.

 The garden, our trips to Curaçao, having my 6th and 7th book out, finishing some things in the house that have been on my list for ages, spending time with the people most important in my life.

I guess it was a good year after all.

2 thoughts on “in 2013

  1. i am with you. some really hard times in 2013. but some really good ones, too.and on to a very new chapter for 2014. i hope your new year is full of good and peace and joy!


  2. Yes, on to a new chapter… I guess the difficult part is not being afraid that the hard stuff will continue. Though I'm sure some of it will. I just don't want to be afraid ;-)Wishing you a good and peaceful 2014 too!


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