For the cold, cold winter

I needed a simple knitting project to work on during the busy, busy days of December.

20140102 (2) (Large)

So of course, I started a hat. Not that I wear them a lot (it’s hardly ever really cold here and this winter is a really strange one, temperatures are still in the 40’s F (around 9 C). And knit-a-square announced they have surplus of hats, so I couldn’t make it for them.

But I still made a hat. Because I felt like it.

This hat turned out to be the first one my husband ever found acceptable on me. He usually doesn’t like how I look in hats (I don’t really either).
I used the rest of the yarn (I had three skeins in different colors – a gift from my girls) to make myself a simple cowl. A bit too pink for me, but I made sure to concentrate most of the pink at the bottom, so that will be covered by my coat when I wear it.

It will keep me nice and warm. So where’s that horror winter they predicted? (can’t find a link to an english article about it, but boy, were they wrong!)

20140102 (Large)

6 thoughts on “For the cold, cold winter

  1. you can have some of our winter! we have been having record breaking windchills and temps. below zero F for days here. our friends north of here had less than -40 and i learned that -40 is the same C and F. COLD!!!and – i'd love to see a pic of you in the hat and cowl. 🙂


  2. Oh yes, that's extremely cold! I heard about your winter, but I can hardly imagine. The sea warms the climate here, so 0 degrees F would be very cold already.I will try to take a picture of me in the hat and cowl, but I''m not so keen on pictures of myself these days (I'm tired and it shows)


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