I remember one moment, early this summer, when I thought: “I’m finally in control of the garden. Now it’s just a matter of keeping it up.”
And then… well, life happened and the garden got out of control again.
It’s been on top of this month’s want-to-do-list, but there were always more important things to tackle. There still are (like finishing book 10 before the year ends), but today I’m ignoring everything else. The weather is so nice, but November is lurking around the corner. Other things, even writing, can wait till it rains (and rains and rains and rains – that’s November for you around here), but today I’m pulling weeds.
And I guess I will be secretly (well not that secretly) enjoying myself very much 😉


Years ago (over seven years ago actually, oh my!) I came back to blogging after a long break by posting “everyday pictures”, inspired, of course, by Soulemama. Back then it took just a few days to get the words flowing again. So maybe that’s the way to find my way back this time too? We’ll see…