Bright side

Last Sunday I finally finished my sweater.
It doesn’t fit.
I know, that’s sad. I was so optimistic about a lot of things when I started it in July. I thought I was finally knitting again and I expected to finish it in a few weeks. Also I had lost a few pounds at that time and I was convinced I was on my way back to a healthier weight and a smaller size. I wasn’t. In fact, I gained the pounds back and then a few more. Ahem.

On the bright side: it did come out remarkably well, considering I didn’t use a pattern. And maybe this is the little push I needed to start eating right again? It’s cotton and definitely a summer sweater (hence the shorter sleeves – they’re about 3/4) so there’s still time.
We’ll see. (it may also end up in one of the girls’ closets)

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