Some knitting

In all the stopping and starting I did with this blog I seem to have lost my blogging voice. If I read through the older archives (almost ready to put them back online) I find myself documenting all the knitting I did and being so happy about a finished hat or another project in the works. And now… I do take pictures of (most of the) things I make, but when it comes to blogging about them I often sit at my computer and get stuck at “I made a hat.”
Oh well, let’s just try and keep blogging. May be it’ll come back.
I made a hat.
I wanted something easy, just to keep my hands busy and my mind free to talk (I made this while the girls were visiting), so I made my all time favorite pattern again. (if I ever bring my ravelry up to date I’ll have a real number, but I do think I made well over 20 of these now)

And some slippers (this pattern again)

And since I do like looking back into those archives and see everything I’ve been making over the years I thought I’d add these from the last few months:

Potholders. For my mother. I made some of these years ago and she loves them and kept asking me to make more. I gave her these for mother’s day. (this pattern, two of them crocheted together, I knit twice in one stitch to increase instead of yarnovers)

Another drop stitch scarf from a linen/cotton blend yarn. I gave this one to my mother for her birthday. And she loved it. Of course she did. Last year she stated she needed a bigger cupboard for her scarves and hats since I made so many for her. And there was no way she was letting one of them go, she wears them all for different occasions and with different coats.

Another simple hat, I made up the pattern while working on it. It’s kind of big, but I like those colors together and it feels soft and warm. I might keep this one myself.

Um, yeah. Told you I love this pattern. Funny thing, my husband doesn’t like how this type of hat looks on me, but this one he actually digged. Must be the two colors.

Over those months I’ve also been knitting on this shawl, but I didn’t really like working with that uneven (cotton) yarn and all the garter stitch got really boring. I did manage to plow through until I had a decent size though. And truth to be told, I just put it on to take that (ugly – excuse the dirty mirror- ) picture below and it’s still on my shoulders. It seems the shape (that I made up by messing around with increases) works for me. Hmn. Maybe I’ll try that again in yarn I do like?

2 thoughts on “Some knitting

  1. hello G!i love seeing all your makings.and ben and maddie and i still have and wear our geertrude hats. {isaac grew out of his}. some of our favorites! and it is about time for me to get mine out again. {ben had his on the other day when he was working on things in the garage.}xoxo, dear friend


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