{crafting on} knitting up a storm

Well, actually it’s more like a light breeze. But it’s going rather well compared to the rest of the year. I finished the dishcloth. I could have made it bigger, but I feared I would run out of the brown cotton. And then I found I did have enough to crochet a border and still had some scraps left. Oh well, it is about the right size now. I did the border about three times until I realized I was putting way too much thought into something I will use to wipe my counters. Anyway, I think I like what I did.

20171211 030 (Custom)

So I started another one in different colors (these are all scraps from the thrift store).

20171211 055 (Custom)

I also finished the hat. I had to add some other yarn and it still was barely enough to make the hat big enough to fit over my ears.  It’s warm and soft though. And since we’re having a snowstorm again I might even actually need to wear it.

20171211 052 (Custom)

20171211 053 (Custom)

Since I loved making a hat so much I now feel like I should start another one. But I’m also still  working on those socks and maybe two projects at once is enough… I’m having a hard time to decide how to proceed with those socks though. I would love to move on from plain socks and add some fancy knitting. But I don’t want to make it too complicated either.  Hmn. Sometimes choosing a pattern beforehand is easier than winging it… Then again this is more fun 😉

20171211 057 (Custom)

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3 thoughts on “{crafting on} knitting up a storm

  1. Love your dishcloth color choices. My mom knit 1,000's of dishcloths after she went blind (it was all she could 'see' to knit.) I only have a few left and I'm going to really miss them when they are gone.


  2. what about just a simple texture – it's 2 x 2 ribbing so maybe four rows of k2, P2 then four rows of P2, K2 making a checkerboard. I sort of like knit purl designs because there are no holes for the wind to whip into. Love that dish cloth and I bet the other side is just as beautiful.


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