Three Things :: moments to savor

Even though it’s comforting to know we’ll be back, it feels like time is going too fast. Not even two more weeks until we go back to Holland. And since we’re not sure when we’ll be able to return (lots of things to take care of first), I’m trying to savor every moment we’re still here.  Three things I’m really going to miss (apart from warmer temperatures and sunshine of course) :: swimming. We plan to go every day, but usually end up swimming about two or three time a week. Still, we love it. During week days we drive to the nearest beach around 4:30 pm and have a little swim. We usually just float around for a while and swim up and down the bay a few times as exercise. I found it’s a great way to loose stress and anxiety.

:: driving around Banda Abou. This is the less populated, more natural region of the island. I love how green it is right now, after all the rain, but it’s just as beautiful in dryer periods.

:: watching sunsets. We’ve still got two weekends ahead of us and usually spent Friday nights at Seaquarium Beach where you can see the sun set while you have a drink at the beach bar. A great way to start the weekend.

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10 thoughts on “Three Things :: moments to savor

  1. Gosh! I wouldn't want to leave there either. That water looks SO inviting and don't even get me started on my love of sunset watching. Hope you are able to get lots of swimming in and enjoy the time you have left.


  2. oh! i am craving the feel of warm sun and warm (outdoor) water on my skin.and i am so happy for you, enjoying the beautiful warmth!i'm so glad you are sharing bits of your days with us.and i'm working at sharing more of mine. :)love to you


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