Not enough

This morning I cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom and the toiletroom. I took all sheets and blankets of the bed, washed them and I hung a load of laundry outside (second load is in the machine right now). Oh, and I watered the plants.
This is only half of what’s on my list of weekly household chores and it’s lunch time already. We just ate and I’m trying to get myself to tackle that other half.
Actually, I sit here wondering how on earth a few months ago I managed to finish everything on my list in the morning, work on other things in the afternoon, keep up with my daily tasks and drive to my parents’ to help them move and sort through their things at least once a week.
When I said this out loud, my husband replied: that’s why you collapsed after the holidays. Hmn. I did? Okay, maybe kind of. But that’s not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that I could easily do more than I do now. Way more.
He told me I always seem to think I don’t do enough and then he also mentioned he stopped denying that, because I just don’t listen.
Well, it seems I just got permission to stop cleaning and pick up my knitting, doesn’t it?

There has been knitting. But not enough. Really. I thought I would be almost done by now, but I’m not.
I had the body long enough to not look ridiculous and started the sleeves to find out how much yarn I would have left (I’d rather make the body a bit longer). And that’s sort of where I slowed down an awful lot. I’ve got two sleeves half done. Yes, two. When the first one was wide enough to switch to circulars, I cast on the other sleeve on dpn’s immediately. I don’t like knitting on dpns, so I thought I’d better get it over with. The second sleeve is almost at the same point now, so I hope to pick up pace again tonight. Oh wait, no. I could start immediately after I finish this post. The vacuuming will have to wait. I did enough. So glad we had this conversation, honey 😉

By the way… Have you seen this? It’s a murder mystery knitalong! Two of my favorite things combined. I already downloaded the prologue (it’s really cleverly written!), but I need to go shopping for the right yarn (the colors you need are in the pdf). And I need to find time to actually knit along and maybe even communicate with the other participants (that’s what makes a KAL fun, isn’t it?). Not sure if I can  make it happen, but I so want to do this…

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10 thoughts on “Not enough

  1. I did see the murder mystery knit a long 🙂 Not sure if I'll do it in real time or after all the clues are out. I don't know how I did everything back then. It seems my days are super busy anymore.


  2. I am very good at slacking! I can't do a lot of cleaning because of reactions to cleaners and solvents. I can dust if the dust isn't too bad, but the vacuum throws out too many allergens! Good luck with your sleeves, the sweater is going to be lovely.


  3. I'm going to try to do it in real time, but I'm not sure if I can manage. We'll see…If I look back even further (ten years or so) I can't even imagine that I really did all that (three teenagers, two jobs, a messy house, gardens, crafting, blogging, writing). I guess aging does slow us down. That's not necessarily a bed thing though. 😉


  4. Oh, sorry to hear about those allergies! I do have some, but not that bad, luckily. Not being able to clean without getting sick does make the decision to do something more fun easier, I guess ;-)Thanks!


  5. i am getting better at not struggling over feeling like i haven't done enough each day. i feel like, right now, if i have connected with my husband and children – really connected with them, that is the most important part of my day. then, we all need to eat some good food, be on time to school and practices and such. and then, there can be some cleaning, etc. somehow, i'm loosening up a little bit. partly because ben is so good to me and recognizes the things that got done more than the things that didn't get done. thank goodness! 🙂


  6. I think that's really important: that Ben recognizes what you have done! T. really does recognize it too, but since he doesn't talk about things like that unless I ask, I tend to think for him and feel I should do more. Prioritizing and loosening up is very important indeed!


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