So I improvised a cardigan

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Well, I never intended to go into a blog silence for almost two weeks, but that ear infection was a bad one. The minimal amount of energy and concentration I could muster had to go into a big editing project (somebody else’s novel). I’m also really sorry for not answering the friendly comments you all left, but I just wasn’t able to find the words to do so. I guess that was a combination of pain, fever, fatigue and probably also because my focus was on Dutch for the editing job. This week, I’ll try to pick up where I left off.

Despite all that, I was able to knit a bit. So last week, I finished my cardigan.

It started as a completely different cardigan five years ago. Back then I thought it would still fit if lost weight, but it turned out it didn’t. I wore that first cardigan a lot the first three years, but when I actually lost that weight, I just didn’t feel good anymore. And so it just hung in my closet. Until I finally got my act together and saved that yarn from ending up in a thrift store. I thought that would be a shame, it was a birthday gift and rather expensive. So I frogged the cardigan last year and started searching for the perfect pattern. But I couldn’t find one, so I decided to improvise it since I did have an image of what I actually wanted in my mind.

It worked. The lace pattern is from an old booklet and for the yoke design I used my favorite knitting book (Knitting without tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann). I love that book. It’s just what I need to help me to improvise the things I make (I tend to prefer not using patterns).

I’m so happy with the result! It fits like a glove and it feels so good to wear. I’ve been wearing it a lot ever since I finished it. On to another three (or more) years of enjoying this yarn…

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6 thoughts on “So I improvised a cardigan

  1. Oooh! Beautiful! That really must be some special yarn to have survived the first sweater, the frogging and to be re-knit into something so pretty! I'd missed updates from you, but didn't realize you were sick. Glad you are feeling better now. Ear aches are the worst!


  2. It's silk on the outside, with a wool core (Laseta by Lana Grossa), worth every penny.It's funny, I am feeling better, but I went to the doctor (for something else) and it seems I'm not done with the infection yet. Got eardrops and need to check in next week again. Oh well…


  3. Thank you! Yes, I am feeling better, though my doctor (I was there for something else) was actually quite worried about the infection lasting this long (over 10 days). I got eardrops and need to check in next week again.


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