Three, random

1. I realized that for me it doesn’t feel like a real summer when I haven’t planted any red geraniums. So I took care of that yesterday. I can safely state these are my favorite flowers (followed closely by marigolds).

2. Summer fruits are special to me too. I used to buy (and eat) lots and lots of them when the girls were younger, so I thought it would be fun to revive that tradition and buy them for myself. My husband doesn’t eat fruit.
And I shouldn’t either. The sugars didn’t do my body any good. Back to snacking on cucumbers and tomatoes, I guess. But it was great to taste these again after almost three years of not eating fruit.

3. You didn’t think I’d left all those thrift shops I visited before finding my chair empty handed, didn’t you? Of course not!
I did show remarkable restraint though. I have a weakness for vintage plates and bowls, but I left all of them behind. I didn’t even look at the books (that’s the only way to prevent myself from buying them). But I caved for this cute little WIP knitting basket and a bigger basket to store my yarn. I also bought some yarn. At least enough for five or six hats, I think!

Linking up with Carole Knits’ Three on Thursday

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