Last week in pictures

Well, last week was not the best week ever. I have an ear infection again and even though the leaflet that came with my eardrops states there are no side effects, I do feel tired and sick. T.’s heart acts up again too, but now that we know what it is and that something will be done about it (eventually – stupid waiting lists), it’s not as scary as it was before.

Anyway, we did manage to reach an important milestone in renovating that back room on Monday. The ceiling is in! It’s really starting to look like a real room again.

Also on Monday, I played around with some mini plants as a gift for my mother’s birthday that evening. Made me want to buy some for myself. I love to buy baby plants and see them grow. Some of my biggest plants started out tiny. But I behaved. I already have a lot of plants and I can’t take them with me when we move. Then again, the girls will gladly take them off my hands (they all have their father’s black thumbs). So maybe I will let myself have some of these little ones to play with.

I couldn’t decide what to knit (besides hats) and realized I actually needed some more dishcloths. Not the most exciting thing to knit, but it feels satisfying to make something I need.

I prefer a clear blue sky, but clouds can be beautiful too… (hmn, I could philosophize about a deeper meaning here, but I think I won’t)

We spent the weekend doing smaller chores (instead of wallpapering the back room). I still felt sick and did a bit of organizing around the house. T. had to move around some pipes (heating, water, gas) to finish our ‘technical space’ (where our air system, central heating boiler, solar system and washing machine are/will be). That resulted in this mess (keeping it real 😉 ), that I will be cleaning up today.

I also have to finish some editing and of course the bookkeeping. No time to get bored 😉

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