I can't be trusted around thrift stores…


In my defense: those photo albums were on my list. I need to downsize my rows of large albums into something that will be easier to move and store. That’s why I went to the stores in the first place because I knew you can find lots of photo albums, most even unused for a fraction of the price you pay for new ones.
The hairpins, well didn’t actually need them, but I only have a few elastics and it would be nice to do something else with my hair than just braid it out of my face.
Two dresses and a t-shirt… or actually two t-shirts and a dress, since one of the dresses is so short I’ll probably wear it with jeans or thicker leggings. Okay, I do have enough to wear. But it still fits into my closet with ease, so I thought I’d get away with it. My husband likes it when I wear nice clothes, so it’s not just for me (I’d probably be in leggings and wider dresses if it were just my decision). Oh, and one of the dresses still had the tags of the real shop on it, so for 5 euro that was a really good deal, I think.

But the yarn… hmn. I need to knit faster. A lot faster. Because the basket is overflowing right now.
And that planner… Totally uncalled for. But so typical. I tend to buy planners and notebooks when life gets crazy and/or scary. I guess it gives me the reassurance that I can handle things as long as I have the means to write it all down (I hardly ever do – who’s got time for that?).
I was very happy to find the filofax perforator though because that means I can start designing and printing my own inserts again. You know, since I don’t have anything more important to do.

I was also looking for two small chairs for the bedroom. Didn’t find any that fit the bill, so I guess I still have some more thrift shopping to do in the future. Oh my…

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