in my kitchen

This week in my kitchen:

:: I experimented with adding radish leaves to the spinach I was stir-frying. We didn’t taste anything different, so I guess that’s good.

:: there was even more stir-frying later that week. It’s my favorite way to cook. I love gathering ingredients, cutting and changing plans half-way because I find something that needs to be used up first (in this case some mushrooms).

:: I made pasta sauce. I learned how to make ‘real’ Italian sauce from our Italian landlord in Curaçao. It’s a simple recipe, but it tastes oh so good (forgot to take pictures of the sauce though).

:: I added a can of sweetcorn and some corniches to our salad for a change. Everybody loved it, so I’ll do that again (forgot to take a good picture again – need to work on being a better blogger).

Last week in pictures

Bbq for eight! All three girls, our son-in-law, and my parents stayed for dinner. I love it when that happens. And it’s even better when the weather is good enough for a bbq.

The floor is in, wiring done. Next: ceilings. It will be a finished room in a few weeks. Oh, my! This took so long, but it will be worth it.

Work, work, work. One day of bookkeeping and taxes (already told you how that affected my mood) and lots of editing. I love that last part. It’s a new (free-lance) job for me, but it’s slowly building up to a real income.

This part of the garden is always a mess. I try to keep up, but some of these plants are growing so fast that it needs some good detangling and cutting every once in while.

I was knitting a summer top, but it’s not working out. I had an idea based on some other sweaters I made, but my measurements were off.

Although I’d love to spend more time in the garden, I did take some time to weed. It’s actually looking quite good now. Hope to keep that up.

Started the next hat. I’m using a pattern, so that’s kind of surprising. But I made this one before and I loved it, so I thought I’d make it again.

52 hats :: 31 – spiraling up

This one was really fun to make! I’m sure there is a more sophisticated way of making spiralling hats, but I usually just cast on one stitch less than I need for a rib (this one is k4 p4, I cast on 71 stitches on a 5 mm needle) and just keep going round and round. It’s really easy but very satisfying to do.


I’m tired, probably getting sick (again) and it’s (too) hot outside and inside. I have to finish bookkeeping and taxes for my husband’s businesses. I actually have been working on that almost all day already and there are still some things on my list that I have to check off and then I have to clean and organize and cook and …

Well, before I start whining (I already did, didn’t I? – so sorry) let’s take a moment to dream about three things I’d rather do today:

1. find myself a good spot on a beach or something – shadow and a breeze that’s all I need – and just knit and read all day

2. set up a sewing space and start making that basket of fabric into something. It’s been too long and the urge is getting stronger (but my time is limited)

3. work in the garden or rather: go out to buy lots of fun plants and put them in the garden

Well, maybe tomorrow…

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