These days

Finding time for blogging and knitting is hard these days. Life right now is chaotic, messy and full. Not all bad things, luckily.
Though there has been another big session of hospital knitting. We spent five hours (!) last week at Emergency. I won’t start ranting about that day, but most of that time was spent waiting for help, not actually getting any. Oh, and the cardiologist (an intern) let it slip that it’s quite common for a new arrhythmia to appear after an ablation. Well, they didn’t tell us that before we decided to go through with the procedure…  My husband was really close to not doing it because of the risks involved and this information would have made up his mind – what’s the use of poking around in your heart and burning cells if it’s ‘common’ to be back at square one within weeks?

Anyway, we are adjusting now. He’s taking natural medicine to keep his heart rate low and that seems to be working. He rests when he feels tired or weird and we’re trying to pick up our lives where we left off.
Which means our house will be on the market next week. That is if I manage to clean and organize and weed the last tasks on my todo-list away, while T. takes care of the last repairs. I have lots of emotions and thoughts about leaving this house and my garden, but at this point, I can’t find the right words for it.

And honestly, I don’t have time for it either. This post I’m writing after finishing some computer work (of course I got a editing job that needs to be done… um, as soon as possible), but I should be organizing photos, cleaning out closets, weeding the garden or something like that.
But it’s been bothering me that I didn’t post anything for two weeks, so there you go.
I’m not sure when I’ll be back. You might expect things to calm down when the house is on the market, but my experience in the past six years is that moving house is always a complete chaos in our family (always two at the same time, or sickness, or travels in between) and I’m quite convinced that this one will be another one of those. We’ve booked a trip to Curacao on October 10th, so I guess there’s a really big chance we need to empty the house before that. But that would mean it sold quickly, so no complaints here.
And the other possibility of chaos, my husband’s health… well, I’m trying to ignore that fear. Don’t ask how that’s working for me 😉

Thanks for all the well wishes on my last post. I’m sorry that I’m not really reading and commenting on your blogs these days, but I’ll try to pick that up again. I’m hoping on Curacao I’ll have plenty of time to sit down and catch up.

Okay, time to go. Wishing you all a great week!

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