Trying something different

 So, it finally hit me (again). I just cannot do it all.
What does all mean, you ask?
A little list:
– paid work (bookkeeping, editing, writing press releases)
– semi-paid work (writing books and trying to build a group of faithful readers on my Dutch Writers blog/newsletters)
– keeping the house clean (our Curacao apartment is small, but there’s still a lot to do. And I’ve been doing all laundry by hand, that takes a lot of time too (that’s going to change, my washing machine will be delivered tomorrow!!!)
– being a wife, mother and daughter (spending time to talk to my family)
– grow my other Dutch blog (a lifestyle blog)
– grow or at least keep up with this blog (mostly knitting and personal blog, but oh, the ideas I have to grow it into something more)
– buy a house on Curacao and fix it up
– build apartments to rent out to people on holiday here (meaning more cleaning and bookkeeping tasks)
– knit or do other creative stuff
– read books (can’t do without)
– read blogs (just for fun, but also to grow those blogs)
– take pictures (because I love that and I’d like to get better at it and maybe even be a pro someday)
– go to the beach and relax every once in a while.

And I’m sure I’m missing a few things here.
I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.
So I decided to set priorities and maybe change things up.

I was thinking I don’t want to lose this blog because I love the feeling of sharing my life with a friendly community and for sharing pictures. And then it dawned on me: maybe I’d take that part to Instagram for a while? I think I’ll still write bigger posts every now and then (when I finish some hats maybe), but it could be easier to just snap a picture, add a few words and share that. I’m not really sure if it’ll work (I’m not that into social media), but I’m going to try.

I found some of the people commenting here on Instagram, but not all of you. If you’d like to follow me there: I’m @maggie_notastation

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