Not a beach or palm trees

I’m trying to break up the beach and palm tree pictures by coming up with three other subjects.
It wasn’t easy 😉

(unrelated picture)

1. I challenged myself to hide the scales and not to weigh myself for a whole month. We’re half way the month and it’s killing me. Yes, I have some (ahem) issues about my weight.
My plan is  keep eating sensible like I’ve done for almost two years now and accept whatever weight comes of that, but I had some stressful moments these past two months and ate too much comfort food. Normally I’d be all over the scales to find out how much damage that did. And then I would need more comfort food to still my nerves about gaining weight and being afraid not getting it off again.
That’s not helping, so instead I’m trying to get back to eating like I did and staying away from those scales. Only two more weeks to go.

2. When things get stressful I tend to look into buying a new planner, but the truth is, I don’t need one. My current system (a mix between bullet journaling and the Moleskine week with notes layout) is serving me very well. I just have to figure out a way to write down everything that’s on my mind in a way that convinces me I will manage to work through it all.

3. When D. was here, we went shopping and we both bought a new handbag. I love mine, but I have a hard time finding my stuff in it (because it’s narrow and deep), so I’m sometimes considering going back to my old one. Or maybe I should try carrying less stuff?

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10 thoughts on “Not a beach or palm trees

  1. I too could have written this post. Except, I'm too compulsive and have to check my weight daily. Seeing it rise and fall daily keeps me more sane than weekly/monthly check-ins. Knowing that it fluctuates so much keeps me from worrying quite so much about the ups. And don't even get me started on my love of planners! It's right up there with books, pens and yarn. Happy Valentine's!


  2. Love the bag, know what you mean about losing stuff in it! Hate scales, refuse to listen to what others tell me my weight should be. I am not skinny, I am not fat. I am more the person inside my body than defined by the outside body. Be kind to yourself!


  3. I have spent all my adult life searching for the “perfect bag.” I'm getting smarter (not buying so many of them. . . ), but still would love the perfect solution to carrying my stuff. Le sigh. . .


  4. I used to be happy with daily checks too, but I have been on a very low weight for a while and can't handle the higher (though healthier) numbers. I hope staying away from it helps me to stop that.


  5. A steady weight is a healthy weight, I think (unless it's extremely high or low). I've been going back and forth between skinny and fat all my life, but I hope to find my 'normal' this way. Being kind to oneself is the best advice. Thanks you!


  6. Same here. I've been buying and making lots of bags. I think my old bag is close the the perfect one, but it looks a bit shabby, it's a few years old and it's made from gray synthetic fabric. My perfect bag would be a similar one made from good, soft leather. But I'm trying to get used to this new one, because I like the way it looks…


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