A little update

We didn’t get the house I was talking about last time… We made an offer and the seller reacted by taking it off the market.
I know…
We were shocked and so were both the realtors (ours and the seller’s). It was just an opening offer, but the owner stated she was tired of not getting what she wanted.
We tried to reach out to her and raised our offer, but she didn’t even respond to that.

Last Saturday we looked at another house. Same price, same area, better view, house in better condition, a lot twice the size and owned land instead of long lease. So we offered the asking price and it was accepted.

All is well that ends well, one might think. But while we were asked to send an e-mail to affirm our offer as soon as possible, we got nothing back to confirm that it was accepted and yesterday it looked like this was another one of those situations.
We’ve been trying to buy a house here for years and when we get close there’s always something going wrong.
But this morning we found out they had been sending e-mails after all. But to the wrong address (their own info@). So now we’re setting things in motion to get the mortgage and sign the contract.
I’m still not really convinced it’s going to be okay until we close and I’ve got that key in my hands. One time we already signed a contract and everything looked okay and then the seller sold it to someone else.
But then again… This really might be the one.
Yesterday I was depressed and just about to give up on everything, but now I’m feeling positive again. I even joked that since every time something goes wrong the next house is better, we might end up with a house in perfect condition on an even bigger lot with a private beach or something like that if this one doesn’t work out.
But I do hope this is it. The house is quirky and needs a lot of love, but I just know we can make it work. It won’t be too much work to make it livable (I hope) and we’ll take it slowly from there.

Anyway. That’s where we are right now. Next week we fly back to Holland for ten days to empty the Dutch house and close on the sale. We hope to be lucky and receive notice that we’ve got our licenses to stay on Curaçao this week so we can handle our official migration in those ten days too.
I’m really looking forward to quieter, less stressful times. It seems we’re really close now…