Knitting and reading – childhood memories


The poncho is coming along nicely. I started on the second skein. I still love the color changes and I really hope these two skeins make a big enough poncho. I could add a border in a different yarn, but I’d rather let these two shine on their own.
I’m also knitting potholders with cotton. It’s the perfect project to take with me to the house. I have to do some unraveling though because I found out yesterday that I don’t have enough of that green to make two squares. Not a problem, I can add black cotton, but I already finished one square. And even though these are just potholders, I want them to be the same. So I’ll unravel the one that’s finished a bit and add some black to that one too.


I’m reading Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek (Crusade in jeans – I think there are translations available). It’s a children’s novel (for older children/teenagers) and I loved it as a child and as a teenager. This February it was in the stores for only two Euro, so I asked the girls to get me a copy. I really wanted to read it again.

The story starts in the 20th century (the present when the book was written). A sixteen-year-old boy takes part in an experiment with a time machine and is sent back to the Middle Ages. He soon finds out he is in the time he selected, but not in the right place. He misses his window to get back because exactly at that moment thousands of children pass by and he can’t get to the right spot.  He soon finds out these children are on their way to Jerusalem (they are in Germany at that point) to free the Holy City. Rudolf decides to join the Children’s Crusade. Not because he believes the sea will part for them when they arrive at Genua, but because he and a student he met soon after he arrived want to help the children to survive.
Even though I know how it ends (I’ve read it many times as a kid) it’s still captivating to read. I’m really glad to have this book in my collection again.

Do you reread childhood favorites?

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9 thoughts on “Knitting and reading – childhood memories

  1. What an interesting book! I am going to see if my library has a copy of it – it sounds like a fun read! I too have so many books from my childhood that I think of often and have read over and over. There is something special about the books that made us readers! Thank you so much for joining us today!


  2. That book does look really interesting and I love Kat's phrase “the books that made us readers” – so true. What pattern are you using for your poncho?


  3. i have a few favorites on my shelf – magic elizabeth (can't think of the author) and little miss sunshine – by may hollis bartonare two that have been favorites since i was 7 or 8. 🙂


  4. I don't know either of them, but I looked them up. Magic Elizabeth sounds like a book I would have loved too at that age. I can't find a summary of the other one, sadly.


  5. Pretty poncho. Sometimes I do reread childhood favorites. This past week I listened to the unabridged version of Mary Poppins because I had only seen the movie. The story was a very sweet fantasy.


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