The poncho (cowl?)

I finished the poncho two weeks ago but never got around to taking pictures of it. Time keeps slipping away these days. Anyway, here it is. I just love, love, love the color changes.  So glad I decided to use both skeins on one simple project, instead of splitting them up for hats.

(Um, ignore the face, I was very tired when I took these pictures).
I started with a cowl and then proceeded with 4 increases every two rounds like in this pattern. If I make a poncho like this again, I’ll do a round of many increases right after the cowl part, to have more room around the shoulders.

Since I had only the two skeins it’s actually a rather small poncho. Or maybe it’s not a poncho, but just a cowl? Or a shrug? A shawl cowl? I don’t know. I do know it’s soft and warm and really comfortable. It won’t get much wear here (cause it looks quite silly with a t-shirt and shorts), but it is perfect for when I travel back to the Netherlands.


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