Thank you for the reactions on my last post. It’s heartwarming when people connect like this through a basically very silly thing like blogging. It makes me feel even more then before like I’m talking to some really dear friends here. So I thought it was only fair to give you an update.

I’m back on Curaçao after one hell of a week. I spent most of my time in the hospital.
The good news is that my mother survived this crisis. Barely, but she did.
The bad news is that treatments are not an option anymore. She has only a few months to go, maybe more if her body restores really well (but I doubt it will). So I will be flying back again soon, I guess. She says she will make it to Christmas, when we were supposed to visit, but that’s five months…

Meanwhile my father, who was already chronically ill (but his prognosis was still a few years) is trying to cope with it all, but his health is also deteriorating fast now.

Right now I’m trying to rest and to let things sink in, but I’m on edge and I’m constantly expecting an alarming message. I also  feel a bit torn between wanting to be there for my parents and being here for T., who also needs me (as most of you know, his health isn’t that great too).
I want to start regular blogging (and maybe instagram too) again, because putting my life on hold for months is not a good idea, but I guess it will be a bit on and off for a while.We’ll see how it goes…

One thought on “Back

  1. I'm sorry that your mother and your father are ailing, hang in there! You are doing the best you can do and I know they both know you are caring for them and sending them lots of love.


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