Hot lunches

Since I found out I have some foodallergies, I’ve been struggling with lunches. I used to love my simple sandwiches (just bread and some sliced meat), but I can’t eat bread anymore, since gluten is one of the things I have to avoid. Glutenfree bread is not an option though, since I also have to stay clear from soy, sugar, milk and some nuts (I’m sure about cashews and walnuts, and probably almonds too).
T. eats ricecakes as a substitute for bread, but those affect my bloodsugar too much (I have hypoglycemia).
I need something with a lot of fibres, fat and protein and not too many carbs. I can’t eat eggs for lunch, since I already have two for breakfast. So it’s really been a struggle.
I do eat a green salad with chicken or beef every once in a while, but I don’t like it enough to eat it daily.
What I do like, as silly as it may sound for someone living in the tropics (and we’re in the hottest period of the year right now), is chili con carne. Or something similar to that, because the batch I made last week has very few beans compared to other ingredients (bell peppers and tomatoes). It’s more like a very thick tomato soup, or maybe a stew. But I love eating it and my body reacts very well to it.
So now I’m contemplating making other stews and thick soups for lunch. Jeannie shares some good soup recipes every Sunday, so I’m sure I’ll turn to her blog first. And maybe it’s time to revive my pinterest account and start pinning recipes…

What’s your favorite stew or soup recipe?

2 thoughts on “Hot lunches

  1. One of my favs isn't something you could likely eat, it has pasta. But I guess you can just not put pasta in? Lasagna Soup!!! Oh my, but then, you likely can't do cheese? I evidently suck at this.


  2. Oh, that does sound delicious! I could put gluten free pasta in it, though that tends to add too many carbs. And no, I can't do cheese. It is really hard to get it all right. I've had so many times, especially when eating out, that I overlooked one aspect of my allergies. Like ordering Thai Pad, since that's supposed to be rice noodles but forgetting that it's drenched in soy sauce, which also contains gluten and sugar…


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