A calm before the storm

Wow, I feel like the last time I did a Monday post was only yesterday…
Last week was weird. A lot happened and a lot didn’t. My mom is home and more or less stable. The weeks ahead will be like a calm before the storm, I guess. She doesn’t want me to come over right now, because she’s determined to survive until after Christmas (we’ve already booked to go to the Netherlands in December). She’s also determined to get everything out of the little bit of life she still has. Enjoy being home with my dad, going out for a cup of coffee or to see the sea, buying plants and rearranging little things in the house and the garden, seeing friends and family. I really hope she’ll get a few months for that.
Meanwhile, I find myself preparing for that sad urgent trip and trying to finish as much of my paid (bookkeeping, editing, and writing) work as I can.  This is not a great state of mind to keep going for months, so I’m trying to be as hopeful as my mom is herself.
Anyway, a new week ahead. I’m still planning to finish some of the bigger tasks and to get our house clean and organized as much as possible. We did two other ceilings this weekend, so now it’s just the bathrooms and the little hallway downstairs. Getting so close!
I’m also trying to make decisions about blogging and Instagram, but I can’t find the time and headspace to really do that, so I’ll just go with the flow right now. I am actually knitting, so there is crafty content coming up soon 😉

Wishing you all a bon siman (good week)!

4 thoughts on “A calm before the storm

  1. Maybe this time is a life lesson, maybe there is growth coming in an area of your life that you can't see. Whatever comes, just try to take each day and meet it head on, enjoy the things that bring joy and don't borrow worry. I know, very easy to say, harder to do.


  2. Yes, that's how I try to see it. I know need to learn to cope with this, because there will always be something else going on that makes me think I need to go to the Netherlands. When we decided to move here I alreday told T. that the hardest thing for me would be to deal with would be feeling guilty for not being close to my family. But I do love living here.


  3. bon siman to you, G <3so much to process. i hope that you are able to use some headspace for the paid work. and then that you are able to enjoy the physical work of making your house into a home. and that your thoughts of your mom can be happy and peaceful. i'm glad you are knitting! xoxo


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