Knitting and reading (yarn along)

I’m linking up with Ginny’s Yarn Along today and I thought it would be fun to look back on what I’ve been reading and knitting last month. Not that I plan to post extensive reading lists and ratings, I tried that for a while on my Dutch blog, but it took all the fun out of reading. A bit of rambling about whatever books I’ve read will have to do 😉

I’m so happy to be back to knitting full force! This month I finished some projects I started earlier this year (some dishcloths and the sleeveless sweaterdress). I finished a hat and worked on a cowl.
I don’t think I’ll be able to do 20 hats before 2020 (a plan I made a few months ago), but I am working on hats for my whole family. That comes very close to 20 hats, actually. Oh well, as long as I’m having fun with it…

My reading has been all over the place last month, but mostly books that made me happy.
I reread some of my favorite Nora Roberts novels, enjoyed reading two of the Little House on the Prairie books I found at the thrift store last week, spent a whole Sunday (and part of Monday morning) reading another Nora Roberts (Come Sundown – a real pageturner) and right now I’m reading a simple whodunnit that I’ve probably read before (I used to get these from the library).
When life is hard for me to handle, I love returning to books like these. Comforting, simple books that help me escape reality for a while.
Oh! I almost forgot to mention I read Wuthering Heights too, a few weeks ago. So that’s my one serious book this month. But it was so depressing that I hurried back to cozy mysteries (The psychic café series by April Fernsby, not really masterpieces of writing, but so much fun to read).

I still have lots of treasures to be read in my haul from the thrift store that Saturday
(I’m saving the Christmas books for later this month)

5 thoughts on “Knitting and reading (yarn along)

  1. Yes, it is fantastic! And it cost me only 35 guilders (about 20 dollar). I can't wait to go back to that store, though usually the first haul at a shop you've never been before (or haven't been to in a long time) is the best.


  2. I like the color green you chose for your project it is so nice. That is great you are close to your goal of 20 hats that is really good. Enjoy knitting and reading 🙂


  3. Those thrift store books are swoon worthy! That Laura Ingalls Wilder book! It sounds like you've had a good month of reading. I like having those easy to read books available for when I can't focus on harder to digest books as well.


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