Why I love blogging

I’ve been thinking about blogging a lot. I wanted to add “lately”, but I guess I’ve been thinking about it a lot for years now and I know I’ve mentioned it before. I’ve had so many reasons to stop: lack of time, lack of readers, depression caused by not feeling good enough, not being able to make any money from it, things happening in my life that I didn’t know how to share, etc.
But last week I decided to list some reasons to keep blogging and that was a much better approach. After all, I’ve been doing it for… ahem… over eighteen years (thirteen in English), so there have to be reasons for that.

1. I love writing. As a young child, I wanted to study journalism and work for a magazine (not for a newspaper, because I knew I was too shy for that). I still don’t understand why I had lost that dream when it was time to make choices about schools and careers.
Having a blog is like writing for my own magazine. What’s not to love about that?

2. I love the whole process of blogging. Not just the writing, but also taking pictures to go with my stories, planning content, making changes to the layout of the blog, brainstorming new ideas. I just love it. Okay, and then there’s also the promotion and the marketing. I have to admit I don’t really like that part, but I think I’ll just wait and let things grow (or not) organically for a while.

3. I love the community. Mine is very small, but I do have a few regular visitors and commenters and thanks to them writing blog posts feels like gathering with a group of friends that like the same things I do (knitting, sewing, living simply). So good.
I’m also trying to be part of the communities of other bloggers and on Instagram and I think I’m slowly finding my own little spot on that giant internet.

So yeah. I guess I’ll just keep blogging.

(bonus reason: I need a place to share random pictures of cute little lizards in my palm planter that look like they’re contemplating the mystery of the universe 😉 )

10 thoughts on “Why I love blogging

  1. you know that i love to read your posts – and i am so very grateful that we can visit here, through our blogs and instagram . . . and your reasons to blog resonate with me – i feel much the same way! – though i do not have cool lizards to share pictures of! xoxo


  2. I love your posts and I agree with your reasons as my reasons. I sometimes think of scaling back because I'm 'busy' but really I force myself to make the time because it's my social community!!


  3. Thanks! I love reading your posts too. And I can relate about scaling back. I love posting daily, but sometimes I don't know how to find the time. But I miss it when I don't.


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